REcruiting / HR

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

  • creation of job descriptions und adverts
  • maintainance of jobpostings
  • screening and analysis of CVs,  cover letters and references
  • preselection - narrow down the choice
  • coordination of interview appointments
  • conduction of structural telephone interviews
  • applicant correspondence
  • Social Media
  • Employer Branding

Professional recruiting and the selection of suitable candidates is time-consuming.


- from the creation of the job description & placing the advert to applicant communication & correspondence and then finally making the right decision. 


To save the best candidates, companies need to react quickly and promote themselves as an attractive employer.  The first impression is important. Applicants spend a lot of time on their application and want to get a feedback. The applicant correspondence and communication is a key point in the selection process. 


I assist you during the selection process and help you to find the most suitable candidates from among the applications.  


Considering your requirements and needs, like professional education, experience and soft-skills, I screen and analyse the applications and make a preselection.  Based on my recommendation candidates are invited to a personal interview.


To eliminate doubts it makes sense to conduct an initial telephone interview with the applicants. 

It saves time and costs!


Due to my extensive experience in recruiting, applicant selection and conduction of interviews, I know the important criterias and have developed a special sense relating to the assessment of applications and applicants.  

Together we recruit competent and motivated employees!

Stellen Sie keinen Mitarbeiter ein, der nur für Geld arbeitet, sondern jemand, der seine Arbeit liebt


  • saving of time due to professional preselection
  • professional communication with the applicants for an excellent external image
  • focused matching of qualifications and company requirements

Professional fields

Recruiting areas

  • Office
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Craft
  • Trade
  • HR 
  • Law
  • Logistics