About me

Virtual assistant & Recruiter

A short of introduction of myself to get an idea of my person and my visions as a freelancer and virtual assistant:

 I live in my chosen hometown Hamburg... the most beautiful city of Germany!


My passion is travelling. There is nothing more fullfilling and exciting for me then backpacking through a country and getting involved with the locals. I love to explore countries, its people and foreign cultures.


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!

Even as I child I knew that I definetly will live where the sand is white, the sea blue and the people relaxed. 


That´s why I decided to establish a location-independent business und create an opportunity to work from every place in the world during my journeys.


Dalai Lama said: "As often as possible, go someplace you’ve never been before" 


I want to meet interesting and inspiring people, gain great experiences and learn as much as possible about myself and the world!



Professional experiences

Since my practical education in a well-known management consultancy, my focus lies on recruiting and staff coordination.


Customer and employee satisfaction have the highest priority in my job. The work includes personal customer service, recruitment, employee support and management and all typical office work and secretarial duties.  


The job requires good analytical skills and knowledge of human nature in order to find appropriate employees for the clients in different sectors. To be successful it is necessary to compare job descriptions, corporate philosophies and client expectations with the candidates and employees. It is essential to be able to act and react quickly and flexible. Good interpersonal and negotiation skills are important, especially in conflict situations. 


My professional experiences in office management, recruiting and customer service, the knowledge of cultural differences and my realistic and ambitious nature are excellent conditions for supporting your team. 


The high demand on myself, on my performance and develeopment have been the impulses to build up a life as a freelancer and virtual assistant. 

Contact me! I look forward to our collaboration!

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