virtual assistant & Recruiter

Customized Outsourcing Solution for your Business

  • flexible support for start-ups & freelancers
  • more productive time for your core-business
  • costsaving due to hourly rates
  • short-term support during bottlenecks as well as long-term projects
  • direct contact
  • individual & efficient solutions
  • quick processing
  • professional assistance
Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Recruiting Freelancer
Life is what happens to you while you´re bus making other plans

Who am I

Virtual Assistent and Recruiter, who fullfilled her dream of an independent Online Business as  a freelancer and  enables you to concentrate yourself on your core-business due to an efficient use of resources

My offers

Professional, flexible, individual and cost-aving support from my virtual office in the fields recruitment, backoffice, virtual assistance, data entry, email service, writing, etc


long-term & project based 

in German & English



I will answer every request via Email 


In a personal meeting via Skype we will clarify relevant questions and discuss details of the cooperation 


You have to love what you do

Nothing changes before you change yourself... and suddenly everything changes

It has always been my dream to be independent and able to decide, from where I work and on what I work. I am happy that I have chosen this way and made my dreams come true. Today I am able to address myself to tasks which please me and work with passion. As your Virtual Assistent I undertake the tasks and responsibilities that cost you a lot of valuable time during your daily business.

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